Plug-in hybrid-electric drive ... for your boat!
Boats with E motion / Young Yacht Design TAG 60 Cat Print version
Constructing the plugs on which
the female molds are formed

Many Earthling design elements were
carried over to the 60 footer
Earthling's short center hull visible at stern
Earthling salon entrance from the cockpit
Update: TAG 60' Catamaran by Young Yacht Design

The largest boat ever designed for E motion hybrid-electric drive, the 60' catamaran by Young Yacht Design, Auckland, NZ, is now under construction at TAG Yachts, St. Francis Bay, South Africa.

Not just another pretty render, the female hull mold for the 60-footer's bridge deck underside, junctures and inner hull surfaces takes shape at TAG facilities in St. Francis Bay, S.A.

The first of the streamlined 60-foot hybrids is expected to be out of the molds soon after Christmas.

The boat's E motion system will be similar to the one in our recent Lagoon 500 installation: twin 16 kw motors with E plex master control system, although not all details have been worked out yet.
Unlike the Lagoon, which has a fixed, three-bladed prop, the TAG 60 will have a variable pitch propeller.

The boat bears a superficial resemblance to Young's space-age speedster, the 57-foot Earthling, but incorporates significant differences as well.

Most notable is the absence of Earthling's short center hull, which reduces underwing slap and adds interior room. The 60' TAG instead has an extra high bridge deck to clear wave crests.

The TAG cat also has a wide, sweeping window before the mast and a multilevel deck. The TAG website has many more images and additional design information.
TAG 60 Specs
18.3 m
LOA + bowsprit
20.65 m
67' 9"
8.4 m
27' 6"
Draft - hull
0.6 m
Draft - boards down
2.5 m
8' 2"
Bridge deck clearance
1.3 m
4' 4"
Mast top above water
26.3 m
86' 3"
123.6 m2
1,330 ft2
Self-tacking jib
68.5 m2
737 ft2
30.8 m2
332 ft2
Light air jib
99.2 m2
1,068 ft2
Code zero sail
180.8 m2
1,946 ft2
Outer hull mold shells
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Ft. Myers Beach, FL
phone 239.463.1824 fax 239.463.1485

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